Timmie de Pooter

Bring yourself to work

Timmie de Pooter

About the book

Do you struggle with leading your team? Does leading a team leave you drained and without energy? And how can you do good by your team and achieve results at the same time?

Timmie de Pooter has run a staffing and recruitment business for over 15 years. Together with his team, he managed to quadruple revenues, build a strong culture, and serve a broad range of customers including an S&P500 company. At the same time, he struggled with his role as a leader and the energy drain that came with his job. In this book, he tells how he overcame these struggles. He tells how he, as a highly sensitive person, leads his team and builds a humane organization that achieves beautiful things. How leaders can work with their inner world to succesfully influence the outer world.
And how work can actually become… enjoyable.

This book will help you overcome struggles with yourself and your team.
It will teach you how to take care of yourself and gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader andhow you can lead your team to greater things.

About the author

Timmie de Pooter has run a recruitment and staffing business for over 15 year. He lives in Ghent (Belgium) with his family. He currently works as a leaership coach and consultant, helping leaders and leadership teams navigate in a complex world. You can contact him on timdepooter@telenet.be
‘Bring yourself to work’ is his first book.


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