Connecting (even through a screen)

Many people complain about losing connection with their co-workers or the company because they work from home all the time. I think everybody recognizes being tired of digital meetings, and missing the physical presence of others. We are often not aware of how important it is for our well-being to be around others. Nevertheless, we … Read more

Who takes care of you?

As leaders and entrepreneurs we work so hard for others. We work constantly to keep the company together, to keep the team together. I found myself ‘holding space’ a lot for other people the past year. Holding space is a notion that has been popularized in a blog and a book by Heather Plett. In … Read more

Are other people crazy…?

Are other people crazy? Or is it me? My friends would probably say that it’s me. Did you ever have the feeling that people didn’t understand you? As if everybody is speaking a different language? Talk all you will, people don’t seem to ‘get it’. This is because people have unique ‘filters’ through which they … Read more

A sneak preview…

Have you ever reacted in anger or frustration? Who hasn’t? We’re all human. Chances are that somebody said something which touched something deep inside you. A vulnerable spot was hit and before you know it you’ve lashed out at the other person. And maybe your response was not so much based on what the other … Read more