How Important Is Buddha Head Painting?

The most well known forms of Buddhist artwork are the Buddhas in China, India, Burma, and Tibet. In Japan, a collection of eight hand painted oil pictures depicts the life-sized irezumi, or Buddha. Each is a unique color, symbolizing his different aspects, such as compassion, wisdom, kindness, truth, and love. But the most commonly seen in these works of art are the eight hands of a nine-layered Buddha, which represents the teachings of Buddhism.

buddha head painting

As Buddhism spreads throughout the world, more Buddhist artwork depicting the Buddha is being produced. Some artists have even gone to the extent of including the actual image of the Buddha into the artwork, making it seem as if each piece of art was inspired by a specific Buddha. Others have used a more stylized approach and made only a bare outline of the Buddha, without any pictures or images of the actual Buddha itself. However, even those who use only one or two images of the Buddha, which they then add to the rest of their work, make it clear that they are attempting to depict the true essence of Buddhism. Some artists even use other Buddhist symbols from different traditions in their artwork, such as the Lotus or the Wheel of Dharma.

For those artists who are artistic enough to make such a bold statement, it is possible to purchase a Buddha photo piece or an original Buddha picture and have it applied to your own wall, without the use of a Buddha painting. This is called ‘Buddha Head Paints’ and is very popular in contemporary art circles. However, it may not be as popular as the traditional forms of art, especially since it is not as widespread as traditional art in terms of its availability. But if you are the kind of person who wants to display the true essence of Buddhist culture, or who would simply like to show the true beauty of Buddhist artwork, this is the way to go. It can add a touch of class to your home, particularly if you have one of the many modern Japanese style living rooms available to you. Whether you choose an oil painting or a photo piece, whether a full-scale piece or a simplified version, it will bring your home’s decor to a whole new level.